John C. Maxwell's

The Power of Five

for Network Marketing

Everyone has a start... a beginning point where the desire for more overwhelms fear and complacency. It’s the potential of your first meeting. Your first call. Your first yes.

John C. Maxwell calls this moment the pre-win. It’s a starting line in the sand that separates what is, from what could be. It's the most important line you will ever cross.

From the #1 bestselling business & leadership coach. For 30 years, John C. Maxwell has spoken at over 100 Direct Sales & Network Marketing companies. He has mentored, coached, and trained the top leaders in the industry.

And now, after observing and talking with hundreds of people at different stages of their business, John C. Maxwell has identified five essential secrets that separate the successful from the unsuccessful — and decided to create what is perhaps the most profound resource in Network Marketing.


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From the brilliant mind of our generation's top leadership expert comes a new book created specifically for Network Marketing.

The Power of Five for Network Marketing
Essential lessons to accelerate your growth
by John C. Maxwell
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The Book
Essential lessons to accelerate your growth

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The Power of Five

for Network Marketing

Today, for the first time ever, you have a chance to benefit from John C. Maxwell's incredible knowledge and insights that he has found makes all the difference in the world when it comes to building your business and growing your organization.

If you buy the Book today, you will have access to critical lessons you can use immediately and can leverage a tool built for swift and lasting results!

Why should you buy the book?

Plenty of reasons...

Whether you're just getting started or you're an experienced veteran: this book was made for you.

goals The Power of 5 helps you
achieve them

  • Lay a solid


    with your team

    Master and teach John's Power of 5. Help your organization live them daily creating a cornerstone for an unshakeable business.

  • ...and help your


    start strong & stay on track

    These Powers are the "difference makers". Infused into your organization, growth will be part of your team DNA.

  • Use it with


    to help them join your Team

    Put this in the hands of anyone considering joining your team. John C. Maxwell gives his trustworthy perspective on why Network Marketing is worth considering, and shines truth on this opportunity.

  • ...and build

    sponsorship momentum

    Invest in a stack of 6 books and teach your leaders to do the same. Hand them out as a "leave behind" book with potential team members, and let John help communicate the value of the opportunity for you.

  • Leverage this as a


    to duplicate & replicate, faster

    The new book is compact, easy to grab-and-go. It is written to be used over and over again. Put it to work for you in your organization on a consistent basis.

  • ...and accelerate

    team growth

    with sales that increase your income!

    Imagine getting the right "thinking" to spread throughout your organization. This tool is a seed you can sow to help establish a growth mindset and accelerate the duplication process!

      Praise for The Power of Five

      "The first chapter is worth its weight in gold with prospects. Wow! Everyone on our team needs to have a 6 pack of these at all times!"

      —Becky B., 8-figure earner, 15-year industry veteran with over a billion dollars in sales

      "John absolutely crushed this book and video course. There is no better tool to build credibility for your prospects and belief in your team to help you achieve your dream."

      —Justin P., 7+ figure earner, 14-year industry veteran, 2 million people on his team

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      The new essential tool for Network Marketing, from the brilliant mind of our generation's top leadership expert.

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      The Power of Five for Network Marketing

      by John C. Maxwell

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      The Power of Five for Network Marketing

      by John C. Maxwell

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      The Power of Five for Network Marketing

      by John C. Maxwell

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      The Power of Five for Network Marketing

      by John C. Maxwell

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