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Once the book was complete, John C. Maxwell filmed a complete video training to be used as a companion resource that walks you through each of the incredible lessons step by step.

Filmed in front of a live studio of top network marketing leaders, John doesn't hold back and delivers candid insight, actual real-world application, and straight forward takeaways you can use to accelerate your growth today.

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The Power of Five

Video Course Lesson Plan


Getting Started Well

John Maxwell opens the course by giving you three key questions to answer when you consider any new venture. This is a person's first step to getting started well in their business.


Becoming More Valuable

John shares the idea of being something before you can do something. These techniques will show you how to make yourself more valuable to others almost instantly.


DNA of Network Marketing

John has identified over 23 values that make up the DNA of Network Marketing. Learn what they are and share them with others to strengthen belief in the profession.


Success Advice

John's success advice begins with the word "always". Learn his 5 daily practices that will make you successful in any business, especially in Network Marketing.


Three Streams of Income

Learn why the best way to control your destiny is to control your dollars, and how multiple streams of income help this become your reality.


Relationships & More Options

John shares his take on how Network Marketing gives you lifelong relationships and options like no other industry - then how you can use both of those to get you to the next level.


Experiences You Hold On To

Take a quick journey with John as he shares how he creates experiences with his own family, and why prioritizing amazing experiences do more to mold us than anything else.



Learn John’s simple method of learning and taking notes when he reads, listens, or watches a talk that helps him quickly put into motion critical takeaways so he can use what he’s discovered vs collecting dust in a notebook on his shelf.


What Really Matters

John reveals how most things that we think matter, really don’t. He then helps you establish why growing yourself and growing others is one of the essentials to strive for when building a successful organization.


How to Guarantee A Better Tomorrow

John gives his foundational principle to live by that truly can guarantee your tomorrow will be better than today, and why a better future is not a result of getting older.


The Learning Cycle

You can’t go to something, unless you let go of something. John shares his method of learning, unlearning, and relearning so you can go to your next level of success in your business.


The Get Better Ultimatum

Hear how John is truly a champion of Network Marketing because he believes there isn’t another organization that promotes growing people more, but it’s your responsibility to get better or get left behind.


Create a Growth Environment - Part 1

John teaches you that we do better in an environment where people are ahead of us. Learn his steps to creating the perfect growth environment for yourself and your growing team


Create a Growth Environment - Part 2

You have to be outgrowing yesterday to grow into today and that comes through failure. John shares why he believes the Network Marketing business is a safe environment for you and your people to fail.


The People Path

John has discovered and teaches you his connecting practices so you can develop the power to make someone else feel heard, to make them feel that they matter.


Being in the People Business

John wraps up his connecting practices and establishes that you are officially in the people business. Learn these steps so you can be a river for others to grow, not a reservoir.


Your Connecting Strengths

You have unique and exceptional connecting strengths. In this lesson, get ideas about your own strengths from John as he shares his 6 connecting strengths. Discover, develop, and use them all the time in your business.


Relating to Others

A leader leads everyone differently based on their motivations. John teaches the first 2 motivations out of 7, and a scoring method to reveal just how strong yours is.


Lead With What Motivates Them

When you learn what motivates your people, you lead them accordingly. John continues with the next group of motivations so you can get a clearer picture of what this means in your life and your team’s.


How to Become Highly Motivated

The greater the reasons, the greater the motivation. John teaches you the final motivations and how to put it all together.


Greatest Gap in Success

John says if there was only one thing he could talk to you about, it would be to explain how the greatest gap between successful and unsuccessful people is how they think.


Self-thought to Self-focus

John teaches his morning steps that train his mind beginning with intentional thinking, and moves to focusing on intentional actions, culminating into powerful self-talk guiding him to success.


Mindset is Not Automatic

Alter your life by altering your state of mind. John walks you through his key phrases that helps create the perfect mindset for growth.


Foundation For Great Dreams

John teaches how you can only build great dream as high as its foundation...and the foundation is realism. Learn how to use realism and defining reality to become a person of credibility.


The Uphill Twins

Everything worthwhile is uphill. John shares the 2 things that you can use to avoid the same experience others in Network Marketing have who fail, quit, and don’t accomplish their goals.


Leader Not a Clown

John gives the straightforward, blunt advice behind why criticism doesn’t bother him, and why it shouldn’t matter to you either. He includes a lesson from a conversation he had with one of today's top CEOs.


How to Gain Influence

Not only does John’s three definitions of leadership empower you to become one, but his steps to build your influence will bring you compounding results in your business.


Greatest Leadership Challenge

John’s greatest leadership challenge isn’t leading others, it’s leading himself. John then demonstrates his simple 3 step process for leading himself well on a daily basis.


Where Legends Live

Exceeding expectations is all about turning good intentions into good actions. John talks about how he sets the bar for himself and how if you can get to cycle 3 you will be amongst the legends in your industry.


Melting an Ice Cube

John gives one of the most profound principles of success through an example of how you melt an ice cube. This one piece of advice will bring you peace while you’re building your business, and will prevent you from missing out on breakthroughs.


Leadership is Visual

In the first of his four L’s of leadership, John talks about living what you say. Learn how to strike the right balance between vision casting and the Law of Buy-in with your people.


Daily Lifting Program

Continuing the four L’s we learn that leaders lift people by adding value to them. John teaches 6 questions that help you lift and inspire others daily through your leadership journey.


When to Stop Leading

John shares a real life story about Ding-a-Ling Mike in this powerful example of why you should literally walk away from leadership if this ever happens to you.


How to Find Leaders

John has a specific way that he identifies his potential leaders. Learn to recognize these three characteristics when you see them so you can accelerate your business growth with less effort.


Four Steps to Significance

John says that the big mistake in life is when you think you have to be at a certain level in life to be significant. Follow along as he gives you four simple steps that you can apply right now, no matter where you are.


The Purpose Path

For the first time ever, John provides a simple process for identifying your own purpose that you can put action to every single day.


Law of Everest

You cannot compound results by yourself. John explains why teamwork is so critical in your business journey, and as challenges escalate the need for team elevates.


It’s Not a Free Trip

John casts a vision not to unite people, but to separate the winners from the whiners. Listen as John explains how he has trained 6 million people by not allowing pretenders to take up his time.


Live Till You Die

Live until you die, and never get the two confused. John concludes the significance lesson by teaching you how great achievers learn to use positive anticipation as their energy boost to grow their impact, and don’t rely on self-discipline.

What you will learn

Whether you're just getting started in Network Marketing or you're a veteran: this brand new video course was made for you.


...and how the video course
helps you achieve them

  • Increase your


    earning capacity

    In Network Marketing, your income producing capacity and your ability to attract others to your organization are in direct proportion to your personal growth. Leaders know that investing in themselves - becoming better - is one of the secrets.

  • ...and strengthen your


    abilities daily

    Throughout the video course, John takes stage and goes beyond the book with real-world examples and application points that you can use to grow yourself and your team immediately!

  • Get ongoing

    training ideas

    to use with your group

    Jam-packed with an amazing amount of training, you will have access to a reservoir of teaching points that you can share as lessons with your own team. Plus, more content will be added to the course throughout the year.

  • ...and take advantage of

    John's discoveries

    John's research and experience working with top leaders in network marketing, is your gain. Pick up on the "difference makers" for yourself. Watch how John explains them, and use them on your next team call or at your next group meeting.

  • Attract new


    with the FREE video version

    John filmed a free version of the video course that walks a new person through each of the Powers, beginning with his answer to the question "Why Network Marketing?" It's free and filmed specifically to help your sponsoring % go through the roof.

  • ...and build

    their belief

    in the opportunity you are sharing with them!

    Press play and let John do the talking as he addresses the person considering your business - giving his incredibly trustworthy perspective on why it's worth the time. The positive light John shines is designed to help anyone on the fence see your opportunity for what it is.

      Praise for The Power of Five

      "Hands down this is the go-to book and video course we're using to help our new people get started right! John nailed it!"

      —Traci M., Network Founder, 13 year industry veteran, 7+ figure earner, Passionate People Developer

      "Often times in network marketing people search and ask for a system to start their business. This is that. Focusing everyday on these 5 areas will be the key that unlocks the code to success in network marketing."

      —Kelley & Tyler D., 7-figure earners, over $600 million sales in 8-year career

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